Route #10b Andratx Shuttle – Corte 80km

-1st Random Climb 6.5km (average 4.5%)
-2nd Random Climb 3km (average 5%)
-3rd Random Climb 3km (average 4%)

The Corte version of our Andratx shuttle ride delivers a spectacular Mallorcan cycling experience but at a manageable distance. The hills, views, villages are all on this route but we skirt the mountains, hop on a train through the middle of the island and finish on the famous Reed Road. From Andratx we start the day doing what we will be doing until lunch; we will be pedaling up, coasting down and looking at beautiful things …fantastic! The morning wraps up in the beautiful and historic town of Valldemosa where we will have a quick meal in a street-side café.
While part of the group heads back into the hills, the Corte route puts the mountains behind us after lunch. A long cruise down the valley leads riders to Santa Maria where we will jump on the commuter train that crossed the island. At the end of the line in Sa Pobla we remount our trusty steeds for the last 12km back to our hotel. Simply put, this is one hell of a bike ride.