This Sunday PALS (Peterborough Animal Life Save) will be protesting in front of Wild Rock. They have the valid opinion that using coyote fur on the trim of Canada Goose parkas is unnecessary. As with any analysis with environmental options there are many opinions. Yes Canada goose could avoid duck down and coyote fur and replace it with an oil based product like nylon or polyester. Nylon and polyester are options at Wild Rock with products from other suppliers like The North Face or Lole. They could also use other natural fibers like cotton and wool. Wild Rock has Fjall Raven and Ice Breaker products for people who prefer this. Cotton’s detraction is it tends to be a highly processed crop that uses above average amounts of herbicides and pesticides world wide. Wool is renewable but the processing of it often requires harsh chemicals. We have products that fit all these tastes.

The most environmental thing we can all do is to buy well and buy less. Buying well means choosing a quality item that will endure and is made in such a way that you can live with yourself. In our opinion the stand out manufacture in almost any aspect is Patagonia. The sourcing of their raw goods is exceptional, their ethics regarding manufacturing and shipping is par excellence. Canada Goose has chosen a different avenue but Wild Rock can’t fault their decision to use Canadian sourced raw materials and to manufacture here in Canada as opposed to using under protected workers from some overseas plants in China or Bangladesh.

We are very open to hearing opinions and although we try to be leaders, we respond to our customers wants and for the last several years this has included Canada Goose. If our customer base does not support the brand we will discontinue it.

Thank you for listening,
Scott Murison