Route#3 Sa Calobra 115km

Lluc 7km (average 5%)
Passo Sa Calobra 2.5km (average 6%)
Sa Calobra 10km (average 7%)
And, yes, there are many rolling hills along the way!

Also known as The Snake, the climb of Sa Calobra has long been an early season training ground for European pros. 10km long the climb averages 7% but there are sections that are …a bit tougher might be a nice way to put it. The climb itself starts right at the ocean …on the far side of the mountains. Getting there is half the fun. Stunningly beautiful, this tough day on the bike is the Queen Stage of any trip to the island.

From Alcudia our route takes us west through small villages as we make our way to the foothills. From the town of Caimari we start the first major climb of the day, which will take us toward Lluc. Moderate climbing (approx. 5%) through beautiful pine forests and ancient terraced fields takes us to a welcome break after about 7km. Leaving the shelter of the gas station we continue climbing up to a rolling ridge on our way toward Sa Calobra. Don’t be afraid to take parts of this slowly as there are some truly stunning views to be had along the way. Finally, we duck under a Roman aquaduct, climb up another 2.5km and plummet (quite literally) down toward the ocean. Don’t worry you will have plenty of time to take in the scenery on the way back up!
Climb, recover and get ready for the fun ride home. Along the ridge, down to Pollenca and back to Alcudia are still in store.

Note: As with every day in the mountains, be prepared for the weather to change quickly. If the weather forecast is anything less than perfect arm-warmers, a rain jacket and some extra food are mandatory for a day of cycling in the hills.



Option B: Sa Calobra Corte 80km
If you love the idea of Sa Calobra but find the idea of the day a bit overwhelming this might be just the ticket. Assuming there are a few interested folks we will rent a van to shuttle a small group up over the first major climb. There is still some very spectacular climbing on this shortened route but the shuttle shaves about 40km’s and approximately 10km of climbing.